SunPower Performance 6 410W

Sleek all black design

The SunPower Performance 6 Series Solar Panels, offering 415W and achieving efficiencies of up to 21.1%, are tailored for residential usage. These panels boast a sleek design with a black backsheet and frame, significantly enhancing the rooftop's visual appeal. Distinguished by their high efficiency, these panels utilise LID (Light Induced Degradation)-resistant cells, a reduced temperature coefficient, and innovative front-side conductive wiring to maximise energy output over their lifespan, significantly outperforming conventional panels.

Engineered with a unique shingled-cell architecture, the Performance 6 panels excel in durability, reliably withstanding diverse weather conditions. This design not only fortifies cell connections against mechanical stresses but also establishes redundant electrical pathways, effectively reducing the risk of cell cracking and hot spots. Such advancements ensure sustained performance and energy production, even under challenging conditions.

Quality and reliability

SunPower underscores its commitment to quality and reliability with a comprehensive 25-year combined product and power warranty for these panels. This warranty guarantees a minimal initial degradation, with a first-year output of at least 98% of the nominal power, followed by a maximum annual degradation rate of 0.45%. This ensures that the panels maintain significant energy production capacity throughout their warranted period, thereby providing homeowners with long-term, reliable solar energy solutions. This blend of aesthetic design, advanced technology, and strong warranty coverage positions the SunPower Performance 6 panels as a leading choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking efficient and durable solar energy options.


Panel Details

Performance 6 410W
1808 mm
1086 mm
30 mm

Panel Warranty

Product Warranty
25 Years
Performance Warranty
88.77% after 25 Years

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