Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the most visible component of a home solar energy system. Learn what to look for when selecting a panel, and discover our brands.

How to assess a solar panel

Panel Efficiency

The efficiency of a panel is the percentage of the energy in the sunlight that hits the panel surface which is successfully converted into electrical energy. Quality panels have an efficiency of at least 18%

Solar Panel Wattage

Wattage is a measure of the amount of power generated by the panel. The suns energy generates approximately 1,000 Watts per sq/m – so the Wattage of a panel is the area of the panel x the efficiency of the panel.
ie. 1000 x 1.6sqm x 20% = 320W

Longi Solar Panels

Performance Warranty

The power output of a PV panel decreases over time due to degradation of the cells. Performance warranty defines the minimum level of performance in 25 years. Expect 80% plus, with performance panels exceeding 90% after 25 years

Product Warranty

Solar Panels are exposed to the elements and the manufacture quality is vitally important. The product warranty covers defective materials or manufacturing faults. Most panels offer 10 or 15 year product warranties with premium panels offering 25 years

The Solar Panel Brands We Trust

Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1985, SunPower manufactures premium solar panels. They offer a market leading 25 Year combined product and performance warranty.

Manufactured by the South Korean consumer electronics giant, LG solar offers one of the highest rated products on the market. LG solar Panels come with 25 Year product warranty

Established in 2000, LONGi are global leaders in solar research and development. LONGi have an office in Australia and in 2018, ranked 4th in global product shipments.

SolarWatt Logo

SOLARWATT is a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry. Their double glass panels are designed and manufactured in Germany ensuring outstanding quality, performance and longevity.

Suntech are based in Wuxi, China. Suntech manufacture economically priced solar panels and exported 3 GW of solar modules in 2018. Suntech have an office in NSW.
REC Solar Panels

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC has grown to become the largest European brand of solar panels. With around 26 million panels produced and a dependable 25 year warranty.

To ensure you select the right products for your home, book a free home assessment with one of our technical advisers

Learn More About Solar Panels

Current Solar Panels

Solar Panels we currently offer Our Solar Panel Brands Learn About Solar Panels Premium Panels Fronius Primo 3.0-1 Single Phase Solar InverterMax. PV Generation Power:  4.5 kWAC nominal output: 3,000 WNo. MPP Trackers:  2Max. efficiency:  98.0%Communication: Wifi/EthernetMonitoring: Optional extraProduct Warranty: 10 YrsDimensions: 645 x 431 x 204 mm Datasheet Fronius Primo 3.0-1 Single Phase Solar InverterMax. PV Generation Power:  4.5

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Considering Solar

03 8335 9990 Considering solar but don’t know where to start? This detailed guide to solar energy explains the terminology, products, considerations and tips that allow you to make an informed decision, ensuring you save money on your power bill. Get Your Your Free Comprehensive 25-page Solar Guide Simply fill in the form and we’ll

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Evergen Intelligent Control

Monitor how your household is using energy, and optimise your battery investment for free Essential Solar are proud to be an Evergen Authorised Partner Solar and battery system performance is optimised every minute, of every day Evergen energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your home’s solar and battery system performance is optimised

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The BYD solar battery is a game changer in the home energy storage system. It offers affordable and reliable solar energy storage. With the BYD Battery-Box you get maximum lifetime, performance and safety. BYD is suitable for varying sizes of commercial and residential units as it offers flexible solutions to suit individual needs. View Product

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