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Enphase released the worlds first microinverter in 2008. They have since built a reputation for developing technologies that make energy more intelligent, more connected, and more cost effective than ever before.

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About Enphase

Enphase was founded in California in 2006 and quickly built a reputation for designing smart, easy-to-use solutions that connect solar generation, storage and management on one intelligent platform.

Enphase have now released the 7th generation of their innovative microinverter, operate in 21 countries, and have shipped over 20 million units

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The solar panels on your roof absorb sunshine in the form of direct current (DC) power. Tucked beneath each panel, a microinverter converts that DC power to alternating current (AC), the form of electricity your home can use.


The Envoy is the brains of the system, gathering data from your microinverters and delivering it to Enlighten software. It communicates in the other direction, letting your installer pinpoint any issue remotely and delivering updates.


MyEnlighten is your window into your home energy. It turns Envoy’s data into an easy-to-use interface that lets you track your system’s production and see your home energy usage.

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Enphase put quality at the forefront during every phase of the design and production process

Enphase Monitoring

Enphase MyEnlighten Monitoring

With the Enphase MyEnlighten web application and mobile apps, you can track your energy production, monitor your system’s health, and share your data with family and friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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David Bruce

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Why I choose to offer Enphase Microinverters

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The Enphase products we offer

Enphase IQ7 Microinverter
Enphase IQ7 Microinverter

Model:  IQ7-60-2-INT
Module Pairings:  235 W – 350 W
Module Compatibility:  60-cell
Max Input DC Voltage:  48 V
Peak Output Power: 250 VA
Efficiency:  96.5%
Product Warranty: 10 Yrs
Dimensions: 212 x 175 x 30.2 mm

Enphase IQ7 Plus Microinverter
Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter

Model:  IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT
Module Pairings:  235 W – 440 W
Module Compatibility:  60-cell / 70-cell
Max Input DC Voltage:  60 V
Peak Output Power: 295 VA
Efficiency:  96.5%
Product Warranty: 10 Yrs
Dimensions: 212 x 175 x 30.2 mm

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