Solar Energy Products​

Essential Solar is committed to providing a high quality, tailored Solar Energy solution to each and every customer. We only offer reputable brands, and thoroughly test and access every product before adding to our range. Our approach ensures we meet the quality and performance levels our customers expect.

Learn about the components that make up a solar energy system

Solar panels

Solar panels (Solar PV) are the workhorse of any solar energy system. It’s vitally important to choose a quality brand with proven performance and reliability.

SunPower P19 all black Solar Panels

Solar inverters

The brains of your solar system, the inverter converts DC electricity generated by your solar panels into AC electricity, which can then be used within your home or exported to the grid.

Find out how much you could save on your energy bills when you install solar panels

Solar batteries

​The next logical step in the green energy ecosystem, batteries allow energy generated during daylight hours to be utilised at peak evening periods ensuring you get the best return on your solar investment

How much you can save on your energy bills?

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