The Business
Case For Solar

We develop a solution based on the unique
commercial requirements of your business

Find out how much your business could save on your energy bills when you install solar

Commercial Solar Analysis

Step 1.

Your Unique
Energy Profile

At Essential Solar, we pride ourselves on tailoring a solar power system to the unique needs of your business. We obtain an in-depth understanding of your energy consumption patterns, allowing us to maximise the benefits of your solar investment.

Step 2.

Modelling Solar Energy Generation

We will undertake comprehensive solar generation modelling to identify the appropriate solar energy system for your business. This modelling takes into account the unique aspects of your property, seasonal solar generation capacity and local grid requirements.
Step 3.

Accessing Commercial Viability

Solar PV is installed to save money. Experience shows that viable commercial projects will achieve financial returns between 12-20% annually. Our approach ensures your investment offers the shortest possible payback period, and the greatest long-term return.

Why invest in Solar?

High Return
On Investment

Essential Solar will provide you with a comprehensive proposal detailing the business case for incorporating solar energy into your business.  Experience shows that commercial solar projects can achieve financial returns of between 12-20% annually.

Cash Flow Positive Investment

The development of Green Loans offering competitive interest rates means it is possible to fully fund a commercial solar PV system over 3-5 years and be cash flow positive in the first year.

Discover how investing in Solar can help your business

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Find out how much your business could save on your energy bills when you install solar

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