Your commercial solar questions

We understand there is a lot of conflicting information in the market that can make a decision to go solar somewhat confusing. Our team are dedicated to providing a consultative approach with our customers so all of your concerns are addressed.

Rebates & Incentives

What are the current incentives for Solar PV?

The Federal Government contributes a substantial incentive for commercial solar installations. These incentives are designed to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Federal incentives are managed under the Small-scale & Large-scale Renewable Energy Schemes

Is my business eligible for Solar Victoria rebates?

No. The Solar Homes Package, offering rebates on Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Interest Free loans and Solar for Renters excludes commercial premises.

Will I receive a feed-in tariff for exported energy?

Generally, yes. However the amount of energy you are able to export to the grid may be limited by your electricity distributor and the tariff you receive is likely to be low. The best ROI is achieved when you consume the majority of the energy you generate.

What are small-scale technology certificates?

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are the method by which the Federal Government subsidies the installation of solar energy systems 100 kW and smaller

STCs provide an upfront discount to the cost of installing a solar energy system. The value of an STC fluctuates over time, however the price you are quoted for your solar energy system will already have the current STC value deducted from the price you pay. 

What are large-scale generation certificates?

Large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) are the method by which the Federal Government subsidies the installation of solar energy systems over 100 kW

Unlike STCs which provide an upfront discount on the cost of installing a solar energy system, LGCs provide a rebate over time based on the actual generation of the system.

Benefits of Solar For Your Business

What information is required to prepare a business case?

Essential Solar will only need a copy of your electricity bill to initiate this process. Following a site analysis we shall present you with a preliminary design and solar business case for discussion.

What is the ROI for commercial solar PV?

Experience shows that viable commercial projects will achieve financial returns between 12-20% annually. Our approach ensures your investment offers the shortest possible payback period, and the greatest long-term return.

Can I be cash flow positive from day one?

Yes. In most cases commercial solar PV can be installed using one of our various financing or leasing options. In most cases this provides a solar solution that can be cash flow positive from day one.

Can I still get solar PV for my business if I am leasing the premises?

We regularly install Solar PV for many businesses that operate from leased premises. Contact us at Essential Solar to find how we can work with the landlord and tenant to find the best solution.

How can I be confident that the ROI calculations are accurate?

Using historical irradiation data, we can project the generation capacity of your proposed solar installation. We then use this data along with your consumption data to calculate your financial returns.

This method of estimation is very reliable and fully transparent.

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