Commercial Solar Projects

We have many years of experience designing and installing solar PV systems. We have completed commercial projects ranging in size from 25 kW rooftop systems up to 175 kW ground mounted solar arrays. Each designed by our CEC accredited PV designers and installed by our CEC accredited electricians. You can be confident that Essential Solar have the knowledge, expertise and experience to complete your project.

Casey Aged Care

99.6 kW System
20.5% ROI
4.9 Year Payback
$566k return – 25 Years
99.6 kW solar energy system installed by Essential Solar for Casey Aged Care
With heavy electricity usage during daylight hours, seven days per week – aged care centres such as Casey Aged Care are perfectly positioned to make significant returns by investing in commercial solar energy

Oceania Seafoods

55.89 kW System
27% ROI
3.6 Year Payback
$484k Return – 25 Years
Oceania Seafoods Commercial Solar Installation providing 27% ROI

Port Philip Estate

99.82 kW System
9.5% ROI
4.5 Year Payback
$242k Return – 25 Years
Port Philip Estate 99 kW Solar Energy System installed by Essential Solar

Alice Springs Aquatic Centre

175 kW System

CERES Fairfood

80.04 kW System
20.5% ROI
4.8 Year Payback
$406k return – 25 Years

Pro Wash Flight Drive

66 kW System
19.9% ROI
4.9 Year Payback
$375k return – 25 Years
Prowash Solar Energy 19.9% ROI

Gloryland Early Learning

26.04 kW System
21.2% ROI
4.6 Year Payback
$134k return – 25 years
Gloryland Early Learning Centre Solar Panels

Epping Animal Welfare

75.6 kW System
Epping Animal Welfare 75 kW solar energy System
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