SolarEdge BAT-10K1P 10kWh Wall Mount

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Available capacity


This Solaredge 10kWh battery is directly compatible with the SolarEdge both Genesis & Home Hub inverters.  Genesis Inverters do not provide backup, whereas a Homehub inverter can implement a limited home backup facility. This DC-coupled battery from SolarEdge provides high overall system efficiency and is ideal for energy storage and use in grid-parallel and backup power applications. It integrates seamlessly into the SolarEdge Home network, giving customers the advantage of a single point of contact for warranty, support and training. The battery ensures additional safety through rapid shutdown and meets the strictest UL fire safety standards. In addition, it enables convenient monitoring and management of PV, battery, electric car charging solutions and smart devices via a single app. The simple plug-and-play installation with automatic configuration makes it extremely user-friendly and flexible for different applications, be it wall or floor mounting indoors or outdoors.


Battery Details

BAT-10K1P 10kWh Wall Mount
SolarEdge 10kWh - Wall Mount
Usable Energy
9.7 kWh
Cell Chemistry
LFP - Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
DC Coupled
Full House (Site Specific)
1179 mm
790 mm
250 mm

Battery Warranty

Product Warranty
10 Years
Performance Warranty
70% after 10 Years*