Why Essential Solar Commercial

Since 2001 we have been saving businesses money on their energy costs through
electrical engineering solutions such as machine automation on their premises. With
the development of solar energy technologies over the past 5 years and the sharp
decrease in equipment costs solar power has become an exceptional opportunity for
businesses to save on their overhead expenses. Since 2012 Essential Solar has been
helping businesses by designing and installing bespoke solar solutions.

Partnered with some of the leading solar manufacturers globally we provide a high quality product that we can stand by and support for the lifetime of your investment.Having a strong commitment to service and maintenance provides our customers with the confidence that their investment will continue to operate well into the future.

Our experienced team of CEC accredited design engineers and project managers ensure the process of installing solar will create minimum disruption to their business operations.

We mostly work with businesses installing Solar PV at their own premises. However we are increasingly working with companies that lease their building from a landlord. At Essential Solar we specialise in finding solutions between building owners and commercial tenants providing benefit analysis to both parties and managing the interests of all key stakeholders.

At Essential Solar we:
  • Undertake a full analysis of your energy usage and tailor the design of the appropriate solar system to maximise savings.
  • Assess site suitability for the proposed system.
  • Provide a comprehensive business case outlining the financial returns to your business with simple explanations of how these figures are achieved .
  • Consult directly with the electricity network operators to ensure your commercial solar power system is approved for grid connection.
  • Manage the application for relevant government solar incentives.
  • Project manage the entire installation process engaging with all key stakeholders ensuring minimum disruption to business operation.
  • Provide full after-install service and maintenance with the peace of mind of 24/7 system monitoring to ensure you system is always performing at its full potential.
Our Solar PV Systems are designed, built and proven to perform. As a business that stands behind our product, now and into the future, quality in our products and our customer service is our top priority and our business is entirely focused on delivering supporting the needs of our customers.
  • CEC approved Solar retailer
  • Solar Quotes Platinum Rated Supplier
  • ATA Member
  • Australian Solar Council Member
  • Fronius Service Partner
Contact us today for a free customised report with:
  • A tailored preliminary design personalised to your business needs.
  • Analysis of how much a solar PV system could be saving you.
  • Information on your government rebates and incentives.
  • Advice on your energy consumption profile.
  • Options for installing solar with low capital contribution.