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Fronius Service Partner

Essential Solar are direct service partners with Fronius who have been operating since 1992 and serves globally. The company focus in on exceptional products and services and their dedication to quality has made them a huge global competitor.

The grid-connected inverters and energy storage solutions produced by Fronius are available in residential, commercial and utility scales.

Fronius are always ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation, and a lot of their products offer brand new technologies. To ensure that their new products are reliable, they undergo many stringent quality tests.

Self-consumption is important to Fronius, and they work very hard to ensure that the inverters they produce allow plant operators to use as much of the energy they generate as possible for maximum efficiency.

Fronius train installers to the highest possible level, and all installers are trained to replace PC boards and PV system components quickly and efficiently, without the need to replace the entire inverter. This approach provides a quick, affordable service without jeopardizing the system’s yield levels.

With a moto “24 hours of sun”, Fronius have an eye on the future of power generation.

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