Step One

Solar Consultation

Essential Solars installs all begin with a consultation with one of our technical sales advisors who will analyse your electricity bill, electrical usage profile and property to ensuring the right size system for your needs. We will be able to explain the advantages and also useful hints to guide you through maximum benefits

Step Two

Depending on your distributor we are required to apply for Permission to Connect (PTC), for your system to be able to be connected to the grid with your electricity distributor. This step is dependent on your distributor and your system size

Step Three


Essential Solar’s Clean energy councils (CEC) accredited designer will prepare a unique design for your roof that will provide you with the best financial return possible for your home.

Step Four

Installation Day

Your installation will be scheduled by one of our customer service officers. Most of our solar installations will only take 1 day or less depending on the size of your system.

Step Five


Essential Solar will provide you with your user manual and warranty information.

Step Six

Metering Process

The meter connection is completed by your distributor. After completion of your install we first book an independent electrical inspector to confirm compliance of your system. A copy of the Electrical Certificate of safety is then sent to us.


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