Will I need a Bi-directional Meter?
Essential Solar Product

Yes, for grid connected solar PV systems bi-directional electricity meters are mandatory.  Bi-directional meters are able to be configured to allow your solar PV to correctly export to the grid but must be programmed to do so.  The Smart Meters installed in Victoria are capable of being re-programmed to operate as a bi-directional meter.  If you do not yet have a bi-directional meter you will need to have one fitted that is programmed to solar PV.   In Victoria the installation or reprogramming of bi-directional meters for solar PV is done by your distributor.  This is an unavoidable charge.  To determine the cost of this service in Victoria please call your electricity retailer.  In NSW the installation of the bi-directional meter in completed by a Level 2 electrician.  For NSW only, Essential Solar includes this in the pricing of our systems and organises all paperwork necessary to make this happen.


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