What is the recommended STC process?

The Purchaser has the right to create and sell the STCs themselves. However, as described above by the Clean Energy Regulator, this process is complex and time-consuming. As a service to our customers, Essential Solar offer to manage this task for the customer according to the following schedule:
a. Once the system is complete (according to the rules of the Clean Energy Regulator) and able to produce “green” power, the Purchaser will transfer the rights to create the STCs to Essential Solar.
b. Essential Solar will complete all the statutory paperwork, inspections, testing and documentation necessary to create the STCs.
c. In exchange for the deeming of the STCs to Essential Solar we shall apply a discounted price to the Purchaser with the value of the discount being equal to a reasonable expected return for the sale and administration of the STCs. The listed price given to a residential customer is always inclusive of GST and net of the discount for the STCs.


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