Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are the brains of a solar energy system. They convert Direct Current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) used by the appliances in your home

What to look for in a solar inverter

PV input & AC output

This ‘size’ of a inverter refers to the peak AC power output of the inverter in kW. (eg 5.0 kW). All inverters also have a Max PV input rating (eg 6.6 kW) this will always be larger than the inverter size, and refers to the max peak power output of the solar panel array

String vs Microinverter

Solar Inverters can be broadly categorised into two types; a String inverter (as pictured) where one large inverter is located near your switchboard or Microinverters, where a small inverter is located on the back of each solar panel – each has their pros & cons
Fronius Primo 5.0-1 SC

Consumption Monitoring

Consumption monitoring allows you to view your solar generation, your self consumption and how much energy has been fed back to the grid. Always ask what level of monitoring your inverter includes. 3rd party monitoring and analytics are also available.

Product Warranty

Most inverters include a standard 5 Year warranty with the option to extend the length of the warranty for an additional cost. The warranty may cover parts only, or any combination of parts, labour and transport. Check prior to purchase

The Solar Inverters We Trust

Established in Austria in 1945, Fronius are global leaders in PV inverter technology. Fronius have been researching, developing and manufacturing innovative PV solutions since 1992.
Enphase Inverters
Founded in California in 2006, Enphase developed the worlds first microinverter. Enphase bring innovative Silicon Valley thinking to the global solar industry.
MIL-Solar Logo

MIL-Solar has leveraged over 30 years experience designing specialist equipment for the defence industry to develop the only Australian designed and manufactured Solar Inverter.

GoodWe Solar Logo
Goodwe is a Chinese inverter manufacturer, established in 2010. Goodwe products have quickly gained a reputation for qaulity and performance at a competitive price.

To ensure you select the right products for your home, book a free home assessment with one of our technical advisers

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