$0 sonnenFlat monthly fee
for 24 months

sonnenFlat offers a flat rate monthly energy subscription, cutting the cost of your energy bills and giving you independence from conventional energy retailers.

How does it work?

When you install an eligible sonnen battery, you have the option to switch to sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat replaces your current energy retailer, and offers on a flat monthly fee in exchange for an annual usage allowance. sonnenFlat protects households from rising power prices while allowing households to use clean and affordable energy generated from their rooftops.

This means that you don’t need to worry when you’re using your energy or if it’s coming from your solar panels, your sonnen battery or the grid. All of your energy usage if covered up to your annual allowance. 

sonnen utilise a network of batteries just like yours to move energy to meet demand, allowing them to offer a unique, cost effective pricing structure.

The benefits of sonnenFlat

  • Let bill shock be a thing of the past
  • sonnenFlat monthly electricity payments
  • Generous usage allowances
  • Daily network charge included
  • No need to shift loads to utilise your solar energy
  • Reduce your reliance on peak demand coal generated electricity

Pricing & Packages

sonnenFlat offers three packages offering 7,500 kWh, 10,000 kWh or 12,500 kWh of annual energy usage.

Essential Solar will provide advice on the package that best suits your individual needs. Each package requires a minimum solar and battery system size.

Think of it like a mobile phone plan, with the monthly cost being only $49, $59 or $69 per month for you energy.

sonnenFlat pricing Table

Discover how sonnenFlat can work for you

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