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Evergen provides utility scale batteries, helping Australians to transition to a resilient, renewable energy system of the future. The sophisticated, lifestyle product of the home is designed to choose the lowest-priced source – battery, grid or solar.

Their intelligent control software optimises battery system performance and claims to save an additional 26.4% off your electricity bill. Unlock energy savings and lower your carbon footprint.

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About Evergen

The Future Of Energy Investment

Evergen is a clean energy software company based in Sydney. Originally started as an inspiration when two trusted Australian organizations AMP Capital and CSIRO joined together. 

A transformational venture that offers solutions to make the shift from coal-fired electricity to renewable energy options. Evergen is making efforts by orchestrating fleets of optimised battery solutions in commercial, industrial and residential sites.

Optimised Solar Battery Performance

Evergen is the smartest energy appliance system you could get for your home. The fully-integrated system consists of an integrated battery, solar panels, and an energy management technology developed by CSIRO.

The CSIRO energy intelligence constantly analyses, forecasts and optimises energy costs. Evergen takes full advantage of the Australian climate for optimised solar energy production. 

A long-term investment that makes smart decisions every few minutes, day in, day out. With Evergen, you will always get the best price.

Evergen solar battery solutions are economical
Evergen Intelligent Software
Evergen Home

Evergen solar battery helps you to make the most out of solar by bringing down the pay off period by 5-6 years

Smarter Energy For Life

Homeowners can now cheaply and sustainably harvest energy from the sun, store and utilize as needed. Evergen takes care of everything.
  • Calculates solar energy production every day based on weather forecasts
  • Optimal usage of power from the grid to make the most of solar
  • 24/7 optimisation so you can have peace of mind
  • Regularly updating and analysing to ensure high performance 

Discover how batteries can work for you

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