Essential Solar Calculator

The below solar calculator will give you an indication of the potential savings you can expect on your electricity bill when you install solar panels. Every family is unique, and every household has a unique usage profile. Contact us today to arrange a free home assessment and a personalised solar quote.

Solar Panel Calculator

Our solar generation calculator uses an average daily generation estimate of 3.6 kWh of energy per kW of installed generation capacity. This is most accurate figure for Melbourne, Victoria. Always ensure the solar quote you receive uses a solar generation figure that matches your location.

Your Household Profile

$0.25 per kWh
$0.10 per kWh

Your Potential Savings Per Annum

3 kW System $0.00
4 kW System $0.00
5 kW System $0.00
6 kW System $0.00
7 kW System $0.00
8 kW System $0.00

Household type gives an indication of the percentage of the solar energy generated that you consume. This ensures a significantly more accurate solar calculation. Always ensure generation figures quoted match your region.

The charge rate is the amount you pay for your electricity per kWh

Feed-in Tariff is the amount your electricity retailer will pay you for the solar electricity you don’t use and feed back to the grid. Leave at default if unsure.

Your potential savings will be impacted by the size of your system. The average size system installed in 2018 by Essential Solar was 6 kW.

The appropriate system for your home will depend on a number of factors. These factors include the available roof space, the amount of energy you use, the amount you wish to spend upfront and your expected payback period. No solar calculator is able to provide this level of detail.

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Disclaimer: Our Solar Calculator is intended to provide illustrative examples based on usage profile assumptions and your inputs. Actual outcomes will depend on a range of factors outside of the control of Essential Solar. This Solar Calculator is a guide only. Please verify the information obtained through these calculators independently. Essential Solar shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance of any data supplied by this calculator.

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